The Old Kingdom

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The story thus far...

A Brief History:
The Wall has been here for as far back as anyone can recall in history, and from either the Ancelstierre or Old Kingdom viewpoint, it had always been there. It separates the two countries, stretching from the west coast to the east coast of both lands. In Ancelstierre to the south, innovation is beginning to bring the people out of darkness, literally, as wonders such as the electric lamp begin to bring the people together, hopeful for a better future, possibly even one free from the rule of the royal family. Things are not as bright and hopeful near the wall though, especially when the winds blow down from the north. For in the Old Kingdom, the Charter prevails. There have always been stories. Stories of a fantastic and dangerous nature. Stories murmured more now that there have been less visitors from the north, and none crossing back across the wall. There is rumor that the King and Queen may have been killed, though communication between the two countries has long been difficult, and thus impossible to confirm.


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